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Green Society Review: Scam or Safe?

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Green Society sounds like the type of place that’s exclusive for those high-rolling cannabis aficionados that Canada is so well known for. Greensociety.cc is a website designed to be your one stop & shop for all your cannabis needs, and of course they’re happy to offer you membership to their renowned “Green Society Membership”. Unlike many online cannabis dispensaries in Canada, Green Society does not mess around with providing content, guides, or much information on their products.

Green Society is strictly a place to shop for good deals on dope, period. Where is Green Society located? What are customers saying in Green Society reviews? Where does Green Society (Canada) rank among online dispensaries in Canada? Let’s review Greensociety.cc in our monthly competitor analysis of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Is Green Society Legit?

Where is Green Society located? Green Society is located in Canada and services the entire nation from East to West through mail orders, but with more modern payment processing options. Green Society Canada is definitely well known and a popular portal for buying discounted weed, in all its varieties. As a wholesale/discount hub for weed, Green Society has a lot of promotions like ‘$99 and less’, ‘Mix & Match’, and their famous ‘Society Deals’ that require Green Society membership.

Green Society reviews quite high in the functionality department – they have a ton of different kinds of cannabis products, their prices are competitive, and their ordering process is considered to be fairly efficient. Speaking more of the form of the website, their design focuses a lot more on the dark hues of green (obviously) with lots of splashes of colors from their various brands they offer.

Green Society is an online dispensary in Canada that is committed to providing locally grown/produced cannabis products, so much of their inventory is Canadian. They are certainly a legit online dispensary with a great selection of many kinds of weed. Let’s put a bow on the initial Green Society review with some pros & cons for this weed webstore.


Vast selection of all sorts of cannabis products: flowers, vapes, concentrates, edibles, CBD and accessories

A lot of promotions that are updated frequently, including contests, BOGO’s, Mix & Match, best-sellers, specials, bulk/wholesale, and the ‘Green Society Deals’ VIP club

Many of Canada’s favorite cannabis brands offered as part of their vendors: MOTA, Twisted Extracts, Faded Cannabis Co., Pacific CBD and more

Streamlined design with easy-to-navigate pages – green on white with dark bordering and banners makes products stand-out, specifically with all the splashes of vibrant colors from various brands

Multiple payment options, including debit/credit card processing, cryptocurrency as well

They provide their own company packaging with ‘Mix & Match’ and other promotions (cannabis flowers arrive in the Green Society no-smell packaging)


Missing any content, additional information about cannabis or their products, no community engagement on the website itself

Higher than average “free shipping” limit ($149.00 CAD)

Availability of new products can come in waves, disappear for weeks at a time according to some frequent shoppers

Some delivery times were reported as being delayed significantly, but this is possibly the shippers’ fault and not Greensociety.cc

Certain product categories are lacking in variety (accessories, vapes + hardware)

Green Society Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?


Green Society reviews are very high on average across the board, especially when you consider their customers’ satisfaction with the products/brands they offer. Green Society markets themselves as offering premium quality brands without paying the premium price. In most cases they have achieved this balance of fair prices on high-quality items (hash, shatter, AAAA buds, etc).

Where Green Society Canada really stands out among other online dispensaries in Canada is their diverse selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, CBD and edibles. These particular product categories are well-stocked with excellent brands including MOTA, Doobie Snacks, Shatter Chews, Bliss Gummies, Green Supreme, Faded Cannabis, Twisted Extracts and a number of others. All of these brands are considered high-quality products with very recognizable branding/packaging, so the shopping experience at Greensociety.cc is one of stepping into a high-end cannabis dispensary.

The real Green Society experience is tailored to joining their ‘Society Deals’ VIP program. As you can imagine, these sales and exclusive products are certainly premium quality but you can score some very decent deals on even the highest-end inventory through membership in the Green Society club.


Obviously Green Society has crafted a positive customer experience because they’ve been voted amongst the best online dispensaries in Canada for several years running (as voted by Leafly, Weedmaps, Daily Hive, Cannabis Culture, etc). Despite not having anything in the way of creative content for browsing or learning about cannabis, Green Society Canada maintains a high volume of traffic and engagement with on-site Green Society reviews.

Products are organized smartly and shopping for multiple kinds of products is easy with fast page navigation. The ability to mix and match different kinds of products into a unique combo-sale is also very popular on Greensociety.cc.
Green Society reviews are also credible because they are paired with Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, Discord and Instagram. This provides multiple communication channels for customers to share experiences, information and more.


Because of Green Society’s ability to process debit, credit cards and cryptocurrencies they score a lot higher than many online dispensaries in Canada who are stuck in the e-transfer/mail order past. Building your cart, inputting logistics details and finalizing payment are quite streamlined on Greensociety.cc, especially if you’re purchasing product bundles or easy-to-assemble packages like with cannabis flowers.

Shipping and delivery is one area where Green Society reviews took a downturn. GS has had some consistent problems with getting their products to customers, evident by some reviews left on-site and through third-party reviewers. A number of reviews listed product quality/price as excellent, but the time it took to be delivered left something to be desired in several cases. This is likely not the fault of Green Society Canada, but it is a consistent problem they need to address or it might lead to customers leaving their online dispensary.


Not too many intangibles to rate from Green Society because they don’t offer much on their site by way of content. If we had to pick one, the monthly ‘Contests & Giveaways’ is a great feature for the website. Green Society offers a range of prizes from 10th place to 1st every month. The prizes stretch from $1000 store credit to $100 from first to last, which is quite sizeable and is obviously a popular event with GS’ customers. Contest winners are announced on Discord, so these contests generate some community engagement in addition to increasing site traffic.

Where Does Green Society Rank Among Online Dispensaries in Canada?

Green Society is certainly one of the more popular online dispensaries in Canada. The GS team had good deals and lots of products in mind, and they’ve accomplished this with their fun, fast and fully stocked webstore. Green Society customers are quite happy with their experiences, on average, and Greensociety.cc continues to expand their inventory with many of Canada’s top cannabis brands.

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