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Top Reasons to Buy Cheap Weed Online

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When you’re shopping in-stores or online, are you the type that’s drawn to the big, colorful “clearance” sections? Some people only do their shopping when there’s major deals to be had, and it’s understandable: maintaining standards of living have become more expensive than ever before. The basics cost as much as the premiums used to, and the highest quality items we used to fit into our budgets are almost out of reach.

In an age where our dollars won’t go as far as they used to, we have to become savvy deal hunters and bargain finders. Rising costs on all life’s essentials like food, fuel, utilities and property are forcing Canadians to make some very difficult life choices – should we eat healthy this week, or be able to afford our medicine? 

This shouldn’t be the case, irrespective of the worsening financial times, as it’s criminal that pharmaceuticals are covered by health care in this country and yet cannabis is not.  Funny, since the subject of ‘what is criminal?’ has evolved rapidly in the past 5 years since cannabis legalization.  Even though cannabis is legalized federally in Canada, it’s still stigmatized and outright restricted where it ought not to be.

Canadians are being forced to skip the expensive, inferior quality weed at many government stores and shopping for cheaper online weed store options.  The best place to buy cheap weed online in Canada is at Haute Health, and we’ve put together a guide for the frugal stoners among you.  Continue reading for comprehensive reviews of what makes buying cheap weed online at Haute Health the best bang-for-your-buds in 2024.

Buying Cheap Weed Online vs Expensive Weed Online Or In Weed Stores

Why are some buds more expensive than others? What makes it ‘cheap weed’ vs expensive cannabis?! If you’re on a budget and you’ve got a higher tolerance to THC, you might find it difficult to score enough of the good stuff on an emptier wallet. There are many factors that go into deciding the price you pay online or in-stores, just like there are a number of reasons why some of us absolutely need weed while others just enjoy it from time-to-time.

What Makes Weed Cheap?

We’ll talk about why some cannabis is way more expensive than others in the following section, but first let’s tackle the aspects of cheaper weed you can buy online in Canada.  To be considered “cheap weed”, an online store needs to sell cannabis flowers, kief and small buds around $5 per gram or less.  Generally speaking, the lower the price-per-gram, the better the cheap weed is. $1-2 grams are all the rage these days, and it makes sense considering how expensive everything else is.  For many of these customers buying cheap weed online in Canada, it’s all about the dollars and scents: price trumps all other factors, followed by potency, quantity, then quality and genetics would be last.

Cheaper weed is usually lower on the totem pole in terms of quality, potency or genetics, but they shine in quantity, price and sometimes are quite potent in cannabinoids or terpenes, despite their inferior upbringing.  Many stoners don’t give a hoot about who grew their buds, where it was cultivated, or what kind of parentage it might have – genetic superiority in the world of cannabis is important to some, but not the majority.

What does matter to all Canadians who get their weed online from stores or dispensaries is the bang-for-their-buds.  Everybody knows that a $2 gram of weed is going to have less terpenoids, cannabinoids or have some quality defects.  What that $2 gram needs to deliver is usually a decent high, decent flavors/aromas, and make them feel what they need weed to help them feel.  

A $15 gram and a $1 gram of weed can both get you high – it’s the kind of high you’re after, how long the high lasts, what kinds of effects you can experience from that cannabis strain that truly matters to most stoners.  It’s all about chasing that high, after all, so if you find cheap buds that do the same for you as a premium, AAAA+ strain then why not save some dough on your dope?

Why Is Some Weed So Expensive?

Cannabis is graded on a number of qualities and characteristics, but certain attributes of a crop’s yields are given more weight than others such as:






In many cases, the higher a cannabis strain is in terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, aromatics and aesthetic features like vibrant colors or lots of trichomes, the more expensive it will be priced.  Quality is the dominant factor in determining price-per-gram, but genetics can also play a major role in making some weed more expensive than others. 

In some cannabis markets, anything with “Kush” in its name will automatically raise the costs for customers because they’re so highly sought after. In other cases, the genetic parents of a strain will make it sell for more because of famous growers, a legendary cultivation technique, or the area it was harvested in has a lot of clout in the cannabis community.  

Why Do Canadians Buy Cheap Weed Online?

When the going gets tough, the toughest among us usually get going – in weed terms, this means the most stoned among us get the best buds, while those of us who don’t rely on cannabis so much are willing to consume less.  This makes sense for consumer demands, but it’s the question of supply that forces the issues we’re reviewing in this article.

What kinds of factors determine whether stoners shop online or at weed stores? Why do certain places to buy cheap weed online in Canada sell more than others, if the prices are all the same? Here’s some of the balancing factors that the production team at Haute Health considers when stocking their online inventory with cheap weed:


Canadians who shop for weed at online stores only know the difference between a true “sale price” and “cheap weed deals”: maximizing quality while minimizing the cost. Cheap weed doesn’t mean that the cannabis quality is lacking – it might not be absolute top-shelf, AAAA+ nugs, but cheap weed you buy online doesn’t have to be poor quality.  Many stoners spend their hard earned dollars on affordable strains that deliver a spectrum of effects that they’re seeking. These savvy shoppers are simply paying less for the most possible effects, best high or most consistent cannabis experience.

A lot of what determines the price of a particular strain has to do with the intangibles – market demand vs supply, genetics, grower/growsite prestige, aesthetics like purple coloration or trichomes, and aroma.  Sometimes a strain is just straight up popular because of its funny name, or because of unexplainable market favorability.  Regardless of what drives certain strain prices up, you can still get some very high-flying cheap weed that doesn’t have to leave nothing but ashes in your wallet.


Another important factor that influences peoples’ decisions to buy cheap weed or premium cannabis strains centers around product experience.  How does the weed you’re smoking/ingesting taste? Is it aromatic and bursting with terpenes? How about the visuals, is it colorful and glittering in the light? All of these aesthetic attributes of a cannabis strain will undoubtedly affect how expensive it is. Nevertheless, just because some buds look less visually appealing doesn’t mean that they can’t give you a nice, solid high.

Vibrant colors, lots of trichomes and pistils, dense buds and strong aromas are usually indicators for a potent psychoactive experience and wide range of physiological effects.  You are, in essence, getting what you pay for when you purchase a visually spectacular, premium priced strain of weed.  However, there are a ton of cheap weed deals that sell very good quality cannabis, just at a discount.  This might be due to an excess of production, or a crop generated some bonus yields that can be sold at lower margins.  Whatever the reasons for the cheaper price, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, nor should you pick your pot solely based on its aesthetics. It’s what’s on the inside of the flowers, after all, that really matters the most, so we recommend shopping online for weed by the effects you want, not just the way the buds look.


This is a real difficult dichotomy to choose between: how potent your weed is, or how consistent are its effects? You don’t have to decide between these two factors, because in many cases there’s an affordable strain that fits your budget AND delivers both a potent experience, consistently every time.  That being said, a lot of experienced stoners know that cannabis strains can vary from crop-to-crop. So, instead of choosing a consistent cultivar because it’s always the same experience they’ll mix & match between similar cannabinoid or terpenoid profiles of cannabis, all the while trying to score a deal on their cheap weed.

Many cannabis flowers are priced based on their potency of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids & terpenes.  This can create a scenario whereby people with higher tolerances and more urgent needs for the active compounds in cannabis end up paying more than your average stoner.  At Haute Health we think this idea stinks to the high-heavens, which is why they price all their buds on a variety of quality-quantity metrics.  You’ll find lots of cheap weed strains to buy online at Haute Health that are very potent, but also affordable – cannabis isn’t like fuel, even though it smells like it sometimes, so Haute doesn’t believe in creating pricing tiers for regular, plus and premium weed. A potent strain of cannabis will usually be consistent, so you can have the best of both worlds without forking out double the money when you buy cheap weed online at Haute Health.


The final reason why Canadians buy cheap weed online for the majority of their cannabis purchases has to do with their health.  If you have a medical need for weed, then you have no choice but to spend the money on your medical marijuana strains.  This will likely involve higher cannabinoids potencies, organically cultivated cannabis, or easier-to-consume methods of product delivery such as oral sprays, topicals ointments or cannabis capsules.  All of these factors usually mean one sound: cha-ching. If you’re a recreational user, then you can afford to be less choosey with your buds. Beyond your personal preferences for flavor, aroma, potency or effects, you can mix & match cannabis strains based on sale price.

Medical patients are often stuck with the bill – quite literally – as most Canadian healthcare providers don’t yet recognize cannabis as part of their health coverage packages.  This means that people who need weed the most are stuck paying the most.  This is why many Canadians switch to buying their weed online or from stores – there’s a lot more deals to be had at online dispensaries like Haute Health than there are at a government retail store. Even if you’re a medical cannabis user, you can benefit from the cheap weed deals you’ll only find online; if you’re just smoking weed because you enjoy smoking weed, you too can bank on the amazing weed deals that Haute Health offers to all of its customers.

Canada’s Cheapest Online Weed Store

Despite what you may think you know about cannabis pricing, the dollars don’t go as far from one online dispensary to the next.  Some online dispensaries like Haute Health bring the best of both worlds – quality AND quantity – together to provide the absolute best deals on weed online in Canada.

Haute Health is firm in their belief that cheaper buds don’t have to be cast-off or skunk-weed – HH’s small buds, kief, shake and cheap weed nugs are all tested for quality and are required to meet all of Haute’s standards for excellence.  Just because a customer wants to spend less on their weed doesn’t mean they should get inferior nugs. 

All Haute Health cannabis flowers sold online are measured, checked and balanced on metrics designed to deliver the absolute best cannabis for the absolute best price.  Instead of charging prices based on strain-rarity or striking deals with growers to sell more of a certain strain, Haute Health offers its customers the choicest nugs at every tier of pricing.

Whether you’re looking to buy cheap weed online, or you prefer to shell out for a rare variety of hard-to-find AAAA buds, Haute Health has got your weed needs covered, and then some. Check out HH’s stellar selection of cheap weed, cheap shatter, affordable edibles and much more at their revamped online store.

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Top Reasons to Buy Cheap Weed Online

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