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What Is The Cheapest Weed Called?

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Growing up in Canada, you likely heard about “pot” in your early teenage years.  Even if you grew up outside of this country, you probably encountered cannabis in many of its forms in your younger days. Pot, marijuana, weed, skunk, dope, dro, buds, nugs and lettuce… These are all examples of the kinds of monikers we’ve given to the cheapest weed strains over the eras. Since our parents called it “reefer”, to the modern days of “dropping dabs”, cannabis has evolved in pop-culture, politics, economies and medicine in so many ways.

Chief among these drastic changes in the cannabis landscape is the terminology & vocabulary used to describe it. For starters, consider how cultivars get names like Death Star, Blue Magoo strain, Space Cake or Giant Star strain. Do any of these names of low priced buds describe their flavors, aromas, effects or potencies? Seems like strains are just a fun name game, doesn’t it?

Or take into account the words we use to describe a very versatile plant like cannabis.  Pot? That sounds like the government kettle calling the pot plant black.  Weed? Sure, it grows fast but it’s not invasive – cannabis is native to every continent on this Earth except Antarctica (that being said, its frozen wastelands could be home to ice buds for all we know). Dope? No self-respecting medical cannabis user would stoop to calling stoners “dopes” because of their choice of recreation.

You can see by this introduction that there are a lot of stigmas attached to much of the cannabis lexicon.  Not only do many of these monikers or terms have negative connotations, they are often associated with lower priced buds.  You rarely hear such talk about the AAAA+ Jack Herer top-shelf buds, but when it comes to a Giant Star kief or Blue Magoo strain priced to sell, it’s all “dank”, “dope” and “skunky”.

What you pay for your weed isn’t always equal to what kinds of experience you’ll have, which is why we’ve put together this article about some context about the names of the cheapest weed strains and the terms we use to describe them. Let’s get educated and expand our knowledge of the language we use surrounding our favorite plants – whatever it is you call those beautiful flowering buds.

Can You Get High On Low Priced Buds?

We know what you might be thinking: 

“What about the fact that low priced buds are usually low in potency? Can the cheapest weed strains like Death Star or Blue Magoo strains even get you high?!”

Despite what the phrase “cheapest weed strains” might bring to mind, you shouldn’t expect low quality when you get a good deal on weed.  As we discussed in our blog last week about the best cheap weed strains in Canada, what you pay for weed doesn’t necessarily equal what you get.  There’s a ton of savings to be had without skimping on flavor, aroma, or high. That’s the “cheap weed” promise here at Haute Health, at least – we can’t speak for the lesser known online dispensaries.

Canadians seem to be enamored with the “weed”, “marijuana” and recently “cannabis”. Down south it’s more common to hear naysayers criticize those “dope smoking Canadians”, or about the “pothead, puck-crazy Canucks”.  The U.S. unfortunately has one of the biggest cannabis markets in the entire world, paired with one of the most unhealthy stigmas across the board of their populace ad governance.  That’s not to say that Americans don’t love weed – quite the contrary – they are simply behind their Northern neighbors when it comes to putting their taxpayers’ money where their government officials’ mouths are.

So, North America likes to refer to the lower priced buds as “buds”, “weed”, “pot”, “marijuana” and “cannabis”.  South Americans keep it very consistent, mostly calling cannabis by its most famous, early name: marijuana.  The origins of this term are actually pretty derogatory, translating roughly to mean “prisoner” in a local dialect of Mexico.  Marihuana, or marijuana, or even Mary J were the dominant terms to use during the 1980’s to the early 2000’s, but it’s high-time we moved past this “prisoner” slang, undoubtedly popularized by law enforcement during this time.

Across the Atlantic pond, Europeans have a whole different set of preferred names for their cheapest weed strains.  Dank, dro, pot, grass, ganja and chronic seem to make the rounds throughout the diverse nations of the E.U.  Further, into the Middle-East is where a lot of the nuanced, ancient cannabis monikers come from: “hashish”, “shemshemet”, “bhang”, and “kief”. In the far east, such as China, Japan and Korea, you don’t find many words to describe cannabis that aren’t just rehashing derogatory terms like “weed”, “dope” or “hemp”.

We’ve listed quite a few examples of the kinds of names given to cannabis over the years and across the globe.  Before we move onto the best of the cheapest weed strains and low priced buds, such as Blue Magoo strain or Death Star, we’d like to offer our own rankings for the names & terms we use for the good green stuff:

Wonderful Weed

The top-shelf, the choicest of choices, the absolute gold-standard in terms of cannabis quality AND culture.  These are the names for cannabis that truly do this wonderous weed justice:


Electric Lettuce


Mary J





Sticky Icky


Nice Nugs

This second-tier is no laughing matter, but they aren’t quite up to the snuff of the best weed names like “electric lettuce”. The following names best describe low priced buds, but the kind that are beloved by the people:









Doubtful Dope

This last group of names isn’t even fair to the lowliest, cheapest weed strains.  Consider these monikers “offensive” in terms of slang, because we shouldn’t be using them if we want to ditch stereotypes like the term “ditch weed”:








Any surprises or drastically different rankings for your own list? Did we miss any terms that describe low priced buds or cheap weed strains like Death Star buds? If you can think of a name for weed that we missed that needs to be known, hit us up on all of our social media channels.  If Jehovah’s Witnesses can spread the word of God, uninvited on our front porches, we should be screaming the merits of our favorite strains from on high! 

We look forward to hearing from you about your favorite names for cannabis. But first! The best, cheapest weed strains that your bottom dollars can buy is coming up next.

The Best, Cheapest Weed Strains

Blue Magoo Strain

We’re just as confused as you guys are with this one, which almost perfectly epitomizes its namesake’s mindset.  Blue Magoo is the original strain that Blue Goo was cloned from, but its parents might have to be revealed on daytime television because we can’t seem to agree if it’s a cross of William’s Wonder, Blue Dream or Major League.  The only takeaway we’d like to focus on for you is this: it’s not even blue colored! Should’ve been called “kinda purple, kinda green Magoo”.

Death Star Strains

Whenever we say “Death Star”, your first response is “Alderaan?” or “Endor?”, right? Consider this strain the third fully armed & operational battle strain this side of the galaxy, because Death Star is powerful & popular enough to wipe out entire star systems and/or stoner’s minds.  Potent, flavorful, and deliciously ominous, Death Star came about when some Star Wars nerds cross-bred Sensi Star and Sour Diesel.  The resulting hybrid is no moon… It’s the euphoria, deep-sleep and zen lazer that stays-on-target as it disintegrates your stress, worries or sore muscles.

Pink Death Strain

With the recent release of the pink monstrosity that was the popular ‘Barbie’ movie, we weren’t that shocked to find Pink Death topping the lists for the fun, funniest cheap weed strain names. Pink Death is 100% indica, so it’s already a unicorn on top of being “pink”.  It was hybridized by crossing Blood Rose and Death Star, leading to its famous dense nugs, earthy flavors and clean, sweet finish. Just whatever you do, don’t imagine a pink, glittery Death Star battle station when you’re high on this potent strain – your giggles will be heard from a galaxy far, far away.

Damn Sour Strain

If the name of a strain could be considered “right on the nose”, it’s this one.  Damn Sour is, well, damn sour! Bred from a combination of mystery Sour strains, this cultivar is a flavorful, aromatic and wildly adventurous experience that many young stoners have learned to appreciate.  It’s not quite as sour as a jawbreaker, not as pungent as Pine Sol, but it offers a little bit of both as a tangy, spicy, powerful sensory experience for the stoner in you. Expect to feel so motivated you might start a crop of your own of this stuff, because Damn Sour is famous for its uplifting, energizing effects.

Herijuana Strain

Speaking of outdated names that hearken to the old days of marijuana… Herijuana apparently got it’s name from its Humboldt County growers, who wanted to call it “Hero-juana” because it was going to save the day for many a troubled stoner. Somehow it got misspelled, and now Herijuana is just another low priced bud that many confused stoners can’t find when their friend’s autocorrect asks them to pick up an ounce of “Harry Iguana”.

Runtz Strain

The Runtz of the litter is next, and it’s a controversial one – this strain is very popular, and yet it always gets dumped on in terms of price, potency or experience.  Runtz is fairly rare, which might have leant to its legendary status among certain stoner circles. The fun “z” on the end is thanks to one of its equally famous parent strains, Zkittlez.  Despite being a notoriously under-valued cultivar, Runtz is one of the cheapest weed strains and that’s apparently how the people like it.

Treasure Island Strain

This particular pot is meant to be on the “pricey end” of this list of low priced buds.  Nevertheless, Treasure Island is a highly sought after, maliciously underpriced cannabis strain that came from crossing Swiss Gold and Cannatonic – two strains that deserve much more respect than TI gets.  It’s not overwhelming in most of its effects, which is why it sells for less on the open market.  That being said, Treasure Island has been the subject of a lot of buzz in Western Canada recently, so it’s worth putting an “X” on your map of strains to try next.

Chocolate Diesel Strain

The reason this strain doesn’t make its way onto the “hottest strains of 2024” is probably obvious: just say the name “chocolate diesel”, and your taste buds & olfactory system will fill in the blanks with a hearty “blegh!”.  It’s obviously named after its parent strains, Chocolate Thai and Sour Diesel, but even listing those two well-known cultivars doesn’t do much for the senses.  This strain is worth checking out, even if you’re not much of a fuel-y, diesel-y strain person – mild in a relaxing way, and full of surprising flavors that linger subtly on your tongue & lips make Chocolate Diesel an affordable, hidden gem.

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