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Top 5 Giggly Strains of 2022

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There are giggly strains of weed and then there are buds that are gut-bursting, tears-flowing, pants-peeing and doubled over in the ecstasy of high laughing. Bouts of uncontrolled laughter or finding things funny because of your heightened state of being are common side effects of consuming cannabis – specifically THC. Almost every kind of cannabis are weeds that make you laugh if taken in the right dose which is one of the funnest parts of getting high.

It’s not difficult to learn how to make a high person laugh because literally everything can seem hilarious when under the influence of weed. On top of this newfound appreciation for the hilarity of life, high laughing is very contagious and can spread from person to person with nothing more than a look, a gesture or an unspoken realization about a funny concept.

If you’re looking to maximize the humor in your life with some particular giggle weeds then look no further – we’ve compiled a list of the most popular laugh-inducing strains this side of the cosmos. We’ll review the strains that make you laugh the most, how to make a high person laugh, and answer some questions like ‘what weed makes you laugh more: indica or sativa?’.

Do some crunches to strengthen that stomach, stop drinking water and prepare yourself mentally and physically because we’re about to enter some very hilarious territory. The quest for the best giggly strains has begun!

Giggle Weed & High Laughing

Before we take our seats at the comedy club-like atmosphere you’re about to experienced after smoking some of the best giggly strains, let’s set some parameters for what constitutes “giggle weed” or “high laughing”. What exactly do we mean when we say “weeds that make you laugh”? All cannabis strains that contain higher concentrations of THC and a combination of other terpenes & cannabinoids have the potential to cause the “ganja giggles”. Cannabis can have myriad effects on your motor skills, emotions, thought processes and perceptions of your environment.

So, your cannabis tolerance and the kind of cannabis you’re consuming will have a multitude of diverse effects on your cannabis experience. For many people – especially newbie weed smokers – intense episodes of laughter, uncontrollable giggles and even hallucinations can cause you to act downright goofy. On top of these reasons for feeling giggly when you’re high, a whole sort of other factors like your diet, fitness, mental state, mood and restfulness can impact how fun or how scary a cannabis experience can be.

When we start listing the strains that make you laugh the most we’ll be covering those weed strains that have the most common/average “high laughing” effects. This means that these strains have a high likelihood of giving you “the gigs”, but there are so many factors at play that can lead to very different experiences as well. With this caveat in mind, let’s continue on to the most notorious giggle weed strains on the market today.

Strains That Make You Laugh


Sweet, skunky, earthy and complex in its flavors & aromas, Sweet Diesel offers a much lighter palette than its brother and sister Diesel strains. A cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this satisfying, easy-toking strain might be relaxing to inhale but it’ll have you in stitches if you smoke enough of it.

Sweet Diesel is known to bring about waves of euphoria, sharpened senses and casts everything in a glaze of humor. Your newfound perceptions will find everything around you funny, but in a pleasing, happy-hilarious kind of way. You don’t lose your mind on Sweet Diesel so much as you discover new facets to everything and anyone.

Some frequent Sweet Diesel smokers remark that it really helps you to focus on certain things, which can lead to discoveries about comedic sides to everyday objects, places, concepts or people that you never appreciated before. If you’re an aspiring comedian then you should definitely tap into this creativity-boosting, sweet giggly strain that is a favorite among many Diesel-heads.


What the heck could possibly be funny about “church”?! A lot, apparently, if you’re high laughing at sermons of doom & gloom after smoking a bowl of Church OG. Another OG Kush offspring hybridized with God’s Gift, Church OG brings a lot of flavor to a typically bland church-name: spice, herbs, zest, pine and overtones of soothing lavender.

With its intense body sensations, tingly after effects and cerebral experiences you might not find this strain very funny at first, but as your high matures you’ll discover that everything means nothing and yet it’s all so meaningful, all at the same time. Church isn’t a place known for its sense of humor but that doesn’t prevent this OG strain from inducing some bouts of giggles, belly laughs and snickering whilst you contemplate the possibility of gods and their creations.

This strain helps to contextualize the question “what weed makes you laugh more: indica or sativa?” because unlike most of the other strains on this list, it is an indica. Church OG can be very heady so some find its laughing-effects to last less time than others, but just like the zeal of church-going, god-fearing religious folk they’re undoubtedly potent.


Chemdawg or Chemdog, whichever you prefer, is a highly potent hybrid strain that seems to have a mutt’s gallery of parent strains and a lot of travel/wandering under its belt. Sharp aromas of fuel, pungent spice and skunk linger every time you open the baggie/jar. Chemdawg’s origins might be a heinz-57, but it is a famous proud parent of honor students in the cannabis hall of excellence: Sour Diesel, OG Kush and many more.

Chemdawg can have a variety of effects on a person with its strong concentrations of terpenes & cannabinoids and yet it is very commonly associated with long-lasting fits of uncontrollable laughter. This powerhouse hybrid strain is one of the most notorious weed strains that make you laugh at everything. Some cautionary tales of Chemdog’s exploits describe people being high for hours, clutching their sides in pain because they just can’t stop chuckling at nonsensical things.

Maybe don’t fire up a watch party of Step Brothers or Rick & Morty when you’re high on this giggle weed – or do it because it sounds awesome, just be prepared to take lots of “laugh breaks” to let yourself come down from the unstoppable force that is Chemdawg.


I mean, c’mon… with a name like Laughing Buddha you know this strain is going to kick your funny bone so hard it shatters into a kaleidoscope of cosmic comedy. This sativa-dominant hybrid of Thai and Jamaican strains has a long and award-winning history as one of the leading giggle weeds on the planet.

Laughing Buddha can be fruity but without being overpowering. You can also expect some earthy undertones, hints of sweetness and a blend of spice that can only be described by the namesakes of its parent strains: Thai aromas, Jamaican spice.

Just picture yourself sitting in a yoga-like pose, high laughing while high on Laughing Buddha… sounds like a fun time, right? Beyond the peaceful repose you can achieve on this potent sativa strain, you can expect to ride waves of happiness uprising, laughter rolling over you, upbeatness crashing down upon your shores and being pulled back into the whole hilarious tide as the giggles continue.


We don’t know if you’re already too high to notice, but we pretty much mentioned OG Kush already in every other top giggle strain on this list. That is because this OG of OG’s is hands down one of the best all-around weed strains that make you laugh until you drop. If you’ve got one of those super serious friends who never seem to let loose or get wrecked on weed then you need to pack them a bowl of OG Kush.

OG Kush, also known as ‘Premium OG’ or ‘Premium Kush’, is a hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush. This legendary combination has bred some very tasty, very sexy looking and bodacious buds with unique terpene profiles and a potent concoction of cannabinoids. Expect to be hit by waves of lemon zest, citrus, gasoline, spices and more. Not only is it full bodied in flavor & aroma, OG Kush has very decent THC numbers across every crop so you can expect some heady high laughing to ensue in short order.

The original gangster of Kush makes it to the top of the giggle weed list because it has a very balanced head-and-body high that not only makes you feel serenely happy but also smartly humorous. Everything makes sense and yet you can see the hilarity in it all – birds chirping can sound like music from the gods… but damn beaks and bird feet look like poorly drawn stick-figure implements!

OG Kush is one of the absolute best strains to make a person laugh again, not to mention it has some strong munchies and sleepy after effects so it certainly delivers the entire weed-experience. Sometimes the best things in life are simple, so that makes OG Kush simply one of the all-time greatest fun, funny, giggly and laughter-filled cannabis strains ever.

What Weed Makes You Laugh The Most?

Have you ever smoked some dro that made you beyond dopey that wasn’t on this list? We’re always looking to our amazing Haute Health customers for their valued feedback. If you or some of your fellow stoners have secret giggly strain that made you cackle like the Joker, or you’ve heard tell of a particular comedy-inducing bunch of buds, we want to hear about it.

You can always share your experiences on our HH social media channels or shoot us an email with your stories of insane bouts of high laughing. Haute Health has all the best strains that make you laugh in addition to an incredible inventory of potent edibles, concentrates, extracts and even some very unfunny CBD for those folks who don’t enjoy getting high.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide to the top 5 giggly strains of 2022, and we hope your year is full of life, laughter, and most importantly stocked full with good weed.

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