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Unique Cannabis-Related Decorations to Spruce Up Your Home

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Whether you live in a modern apartment downtown of a big city or you inhabit a rustic cabin-house literally nestled among the Spruces, we all have unique visions when it comes to “sprucing up” our homes. Some like their homes to look bright, angular and modern while others prefer jazzy colors, bizarre shapes and even visually confusing decorations. The interior of your home is often a reflection of your inner self – your color palette mirrors your emotional investments, the organization of your furniture can describe your personality, or the ambience can shed light on the kind of lifestyle you lead.

Adorning your home in all the latest ‘boho’ wall art or tassel rugs can cost you a lot of money, whereas doing some DIY updates to your house’s living spaces can require equal amounts of elbow grease. There are no limits to the creativity, personality, or diversity of decorations you can employ in your quest for the ultimate living space – no limits except for your bank account or your willingness to put in the work.

You know who really stands out among home decorators? Stoners! Anyone who has pondered fractals of every shape & color as they beheld the cosmos before their red-rimmed eyes has got to have some interior design chops, no? We’d like to give these marijuana home decor geniuses their due as we map out Haute’s Guide to Cannabis Home Decor in 2022 and beyond.

Prepare your mind’s eye for wooden weed boxes, cannabis-themed furniture that will blow your butt’s mind, and cannabis-related decorations that will keep your guests tripping even after the THC wears off. Let’s turn on some reggae and put on your painting overalls as we deck the halls with buds of hazy in this guide to the dopest marijuana room decor!


To get a grasp of the best kinds of marijuana room decor it’s necessary to go over what is considered cannabis-related decoration and what isn’t. A wooden weed box full of grinders, rollies and munchies on your kitchen table might not seem like decor to some, but to stoners it’s a beautiful centerpiece that combines rustic aesthetic with absolute functionality. Cannabis-themed furniture like a weed leaf shaped mamasan chair or a hemp-weave patio set can be just as trendy as an all-white custom faux leather sectional from a designer’s gallery.

Making a guide to cannabis home decor is almost pointless because stoner decorating schemes are so multifaceted and diverse (please continue reading anyway, we’ll explain everything!). What we’re going to focus on in this guide to cannabis home decor has less to do with certain popular pieces of art or furniture and more to do with maximizing your creativity for less dollars. With this caveat in mind, let’s continue on with some definitions about marijuana room decor vs some of those commercialized cannabis-related decorations that don’t deserve to be associated with our favorite plant.

Here’s a checklist of some of the most notable kinds of cannabis-related decorations that will help to frame your approach to designing your very own ganja-themed dwelling:

Sharp contrasts of colors, tones or textures

Complex or creative angles in art, furniture or room organization

Wood paneling, borders, highlights or frames

Certain shades of green, especially when considering lighting

Hemp-textile wall hangings, furniture, rugs, curtains, blankets and more

Psychedelic, trippy colors and shapes splashes throughout the house

Thought-provoking cannabis-themed furniture or art

Fun, funny or witty literature and art pieces

Organic, naturally inspired or derived accouterments

Treat this checklist as a starting point for your own hierarchy of marijuana room decor. Personal taste and preferences obviously take precedence over any kind of cannabis-themed furniture or decorations list. In the end it’s your house, so don’t let anyone tell you how to make your vision come to life. Just like we all have unique relationships with cannabis in all its myriad forms, your home is uniquely yours and it can echo your personal sentiments, go against the grains of society’s norms or just be a space to ponder the complexities of reality.

The main takeaway for this guide to cannabis home decor is this: craft a look, feel and collective identity for your home that matches what you feel inside about cannabis. This isn’t an easy feat by any stretch, but if you look at your home’s interior like a microcosm of your own thoughts & feelings then it might suddenly click together.

If you enjoy weed at night after a long day’s work because it helps you relax and rest your busy mind, then invest in dim lighting, organic or natural fixtures arranged in hazy-toned rooms for that ultimate chill space. Maybe you’re a real wild partier who attends all the music fests and never passes up a chance to toke up with friends & strangers alike? Sounds like you’d enjoy a home stacked with retro, reefer memorabilia, pop culture movie and music posters and trippy color schemes.

You don’t have to pick one theme for your entire house – some people like to switch it up from room-to-room – but we advocate distilling the essence of what cannabis makes you feel into an idea that can be applied to your home decor. Planning your interior design is supposed to be weird, fun, whacky, modern, retro or trippy so live it up to the fullest when you’re decorating your stoner base of doperations.

Next we’ll go over some weed-inspired marijuan room decor, followed by some cannabis-themed furniture before we leave you with some Haute Health customer submissions for unique cannabis decorations.

The Dopest Weed Party Themes

There’s really nothing preventing you from leaving wooden weed boxes full of rolling papers and lighters on every table, draping every square inch of wall surface with Bob Marley vinyl albums or replacing the potpourri in the bathroom with chunky nugs. Marijuana room decor can be anything from a bottle cap collection display to ornate golden wire trim.

To give you a bit more direction than just saying “do whatever pleases your eye”, we’ve compiled some notable trends in cannabis-themed decorations that have been making the rounds.

Blown Glass Sculptures, Bowls & Centerpieces
Some stoners have even gone as far as repurposing their favorite old pipes and bongs into glass sculptures and art pieces that provide some cannabis-zazz to any room.

Trippy Movie/Music Art
Whether you like the retro movie posters, cardboard cutouts of your favorite artists, or you display a rare album or two on your walls, entertainment art is an absolute classic way to decorate your place.

Hemp Textile Rugs, Wall Art & More
Anything made of hemp provides that au-naturale texture and contrast that really speaks to your commitment to the green lifestyle.

Alternating Shelving/Wall Hangings
Anything that defies the ordinary structures of most straight shelves or wall art will do – complex geometric shapes that can serve the dual purpose of engaging your stoner brain and holding other decor can make your home thought-provoking and endlessly interesting.

Repurposed Cultivation Equipment
One of the coolest and most cannabis-centric decor ideas we’ve come across is when some astute growers repurpose some of their growing equipment to adorn their house. PVC pipe wall mounts with plants in them, hemp fabric pots holding kids toys instead of actual plants, and color-changing LED light ballasts can turn your media room into a psychedelic entertainment station.

Musicfest Tees, Tye Dye Garments & More
Kind of like the idea of hanging albums or posters, but these trippy items of clothing can be framed for extra protection or arranged on your walls to create a testament to your unique taste for music & marijuana.

Rocks, Stones, Gems & Crystals
Tap into your inner geologist and bask in the centering, calm-inducing presence of unique looking rocks on your tables, precious gems hanging from hemp ropes, patterned stones adorning your light fixtures or crystals balancing the energy in every room.

Wooden Weed Boxes Full of Weed
You can decorate your house without any creativity needed when you fill wooden weed boxes with nugs or jars with prerolls. Cannabis is such a beautiful specimen, why not just leave it out for adoring eyes to see?


It’s all about balancing your home’s chi, finding its zen or ensuring the feng shui is nominal throughout the house. Cannabis-themed furniture doesn’t have to be flashy or thought provoking – that’s the job of marijuana room decor. Cannabis-related furniture is all about setting moods, supporting ambience or helping you to achieve a certain energy level.

A comfy smoking chair can look bland but act as the catalyst for relaxation. A unique looking table might not start conversations but it’ll keep people sitting at it longer if it’s got some interesting structuring. With these kinds of emotion/energy support ideas in mind let’s go over some popular cannabis themed furniture concepts that can truly bring your rooms together.

Wicker Is Better
It doesn’t have to be the scratchy, wooden patio kind, but anything woven or wicker-like is a very trendy option for stoner homes. These kinds of weave-on-weave furniture pieces provide a lot of comfy support while also catching your eye. They are also easy to customize with different cushions or blankets to suit your current mood.

Shag-a-delic Baby, Yeah!
Shag carpets might not be a current hot commodity, but anything fuzzy, furry or shaggy in terms of area rugs, blankets, pillows or cushions can create a very comfy, relaxing and friendly environment.

Red Woods, Dark Woods, White Woods
Mixing different kinds of wooden furniture together in a room might sound like a fashion faux pas but it’s actually a great way to accentuate certain parts of a room. White wood or bleached furniture blends in while a gleaming redwood or cedar plank piece will draw everyone’s attention. Dark wood floors, shutters or tables provide a balance between eye-catching and background accents.

Weirder The Shape, The Better
Odd angles, complicated shapes and uniquely manufactured furniture can create a space that pairs well with pondering the inner workings of the cosmos. As long as a piece of furniture serves a function (i.e. it’s comfy, it holds something, enhances lighting, etc) it can be oblong and mind-blowing to great effect.

Compartments & Cubbies
Any furniture with built-in stashes for weed, accessories or cannabis-related reading material is a must have. Some furniture actually has pipe holders or no-smell sealed cubbies to keep your buds fresh. These pieces of furniture obviously cost a bit more than your average couch, but they’re a savvy investment for any stoner worth their salt.

Now we’re ready to put it all together and transform your dingy dope domicile into a palace of potent pot & pottery! We don’t have any specific brands or stores you need to get your decorations from because many people DIY their own, purchase locally made or have completely unique ideas about what goes where, when and how in their home.

Instead of listing “must have cannabis related decorations”, we turn to you – our loyal Haute customers – to provide some tips on your decorating trade. We look forward to seeing what you come up with on our social media channels.

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